About Me

My name is Jason Tokoph. I currently lead the engineering team at Mozes, Inc. and live in San Francisco, CA.

My biggest passion is learning about awesome new shit, and creating some of my own. Not surprisingly, my favorite site on the internet is github.

If I don't know more today than I did yesterday, then the day was wasted.

Paul-Irish-Style timeline of shit I've done

2011.07.31: Released editr. Edit remote files with your local editor.
2011.06.27: Released nirc. A nodejs IRC client library.
2010.06: Started full time at Mozes, Inc.
2010.05: Graduated from UIUC with BS in CS.
2007.07.17: Mozes acquires TextMe.
2007.06: Founded TextMe (Facebook App).
2005 PremierProfile acquired.
2005 Founded PremierProfile, an AOL IM buddy tracker.